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Light and Shadow Photography, Wedding photographer in Kitchener Waterloo and Destination Weddings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Behind the scenes.

The art of photography is unique in the same way a painting is unique.
Each photographer sees a image in a different way and the experience and creativity makes that image unique and priceless

A photographer's work never ends once the photo shoot is finished, also never begins on the day of the photo shoot itself.
Once we know that we have a photo shoot of some sort, we first reserve that day for your event.
This means that we will turn down any other shooting opportunities just to concentrate on your photo shoot or event.

Two or three weeks prior to a photo shoot or event, we plan all the images we like to photograph; sometimes we plan with extra photographers and crew.
The planning takes a couple of hours and even more if we are not familiar with the location and we have to go scouting the locations of the photo shoot.
Planning the photo shoot also involve choosing equipment and making sure we have that specific lens for that special image and the equipment necessary to guarantee that your entire photo shoot or event will be covered.
Some images require special lenses and cameras that usually only professionals would acquire.

With some events we also have a prior photo session that can be 1 to several hours long.
Not only these sessions add to the time and work that we do, but also let us be more comfortable with you, and vice versa, for the main photo session or event.
These pre-event also include post productions that can easily reach 5 to 40 hours of work.

The main photo shoot or event can also have many locations adding time and hours of work.
Occasionally some events are more than a single day reaching more than 4 days.

A large event can result in 750 images to more than 2000 images and take 1 week to 4 weeks of post-production, even before the final production.
Once the final images are selected, production can easily reach another 2 to 6 weeks.
This includes editing images, customizing the artwork, setting up albums and portfolios, mounting and framing portraits and canvas, and sometimes outsourcing extra work.
All this is necessary to have the final order delivered with creativity and top quality suitable for a high end art Galleries or museum display.

From beginning to the very end, a 1 hour photo shoot with 75 images can actually take between 10 to 20 hours work, from preparation, photo shoot, and post production.

With all that it is involved in a photo shoot or event, we try our best to offer a wide variety of photo packages and services.
For an event that is so unique, the work and time we spend is priceless.

Professional photographers can provide you with years of professional experience, quality post production, years of creative and unique photography, and most important creative memorable images.

How do I choose my photographer?

When searching for a photographer on the net or any other form, we see an overwhelming amount of professional and non-professional photographers.
Most of us have years of experience and no doubt most of our images can be fantastic.
The care, attention to details, and dedication from most of us are top of the line.
But each photographer has a unique eye that sees his/hers personalized creative image of you.
If we could go back in time several times and re-shoot your wedding each time with a different photographer; your wedding photos would be uniquely different and beautiful each time.
When choosing a photographer; all mater counts, from the basic ones like: image quality, shooting style, product grade, and price... to the unique ones like: creativity, care, personality, knowledge and the love for photography itself.
The perfect way to choose your photographer is to know that you will get along with his or hers personality.
You will be spending most of the time with your photographer and having an excellent feeling about your photographer will make your wedding day cherishable forever.

Do you photograph destination weddings?

We are thrilled with destination weddings.
Having a photographer from your local area to shoot your destination wedding will give you peace of mind since you will have a chance to know your photographer prior to the wedding including your engagement.
You will have the chance to talk in person and work with your photographer planning your wedding photography locations, special sceneries, events, and unique before and after wedding day shots.
Ask us about destination wedding packages specials.

What make you different? What is your style?

We are proud of our work and we photograph your wedding for you and for us to enjoy it forever.
We like to display our work and for you to display them as well making you fell happy and proud each time you show off your beautiful and unique wedding images.
We believe that versatility makes us different; we love all types of photography not just weddings.
Shooting a wedding require techniques that are used in many other types of photography.
Since we offer several styles to choose from; Reportage/Journalistic/Documentary, Lifestyle, Vintage, Classic, Contemporary, High Fashion/Artistic/Dramatic, and more, we like to adapt different techniques to a wedding shoot.
Becoming almost completely stealth by using long lenses and staying out of the way (Like a Wild-life photographer) to photograph a Reportage/Journalistic/Documentary style wedding, or using special lensed to get stream close-up details (Like macro-photography), or creating special effects (Like a fantasy photographer), or using vintage cameras and film to give you that vintage authentic look on your images.
Mastering how to photograph other subjects; (not just weddings) just boost our creativity to photograph your unique and creative wedding.

What make your images different from others?

Each situation is different, sometimes is better to use natural light and sometimes a fill light is required.
The looks of an image can change by positioning the light source in different locations.
We tend to create a more three dimensional look on your images placing or bouncing light so it will not give that flat image produced by using on camera lighting.
Controlling Light and Shadow is what make an image more dramatic and give more life to the image.
We also tend to incorporate your mood and personality to portrait you on the image.
We are constantly shooting from unique view point to create interesting and amazing angles for your image.
On the artistic side we also hand colour some Black & White images when requested making it a truely unique artwork.

Would you be the photographer shooting my wedding?

We don't double book a wedding day this way we can concentrate only on your wedding.
I always will be photographing the wedding and sometimes a second or third professional photographer from our team will be photographing it with me as well.

How many photos will we get?

Each photo shoot, engagement and wedding is unique.
Some photo shoots are in studio and only one hour long, other ones have multiple locations and are several hours long.
Some engagement is one location others have two or more. Some weddings also can have fewer or extra location.
You typically will receive 50 to 150 images for in studio, on location, and engagement photo shoots and 500 to 1000 for your wedding.

Do we get the original image files and/or negatives?

All our packages include a high definition copy of all presented images and the rights to print them.
Your edited wedding images are what reflect our entire work and we are proud have our name referred to that way.
The original RAW files and Negative are not edited and does not reflect our entire work, expertise, creativity, quality standard and care that we provide.
We like our images to represent our best and for that reason RAW files and Negatives are not provided.

Can we make copies of the photos we purchased?

All our images are protected under the Canadian Copyright Act.
Just like paintings, sculptures, drawings, or any other artistic work, all photographs are protected and it is consider a crime to reproduce them in any way shape or form.
That includes scanning original prints, making prints from a digital file, or even posting them on the internet without the copyright holder consent.

We work hard to deliver creative high quality images, most of us have many years of experience and we are always investing in new equipment, supplies and learning new and amazing techniques to apply in our creative work.
For most photographers this is our livelihood and making copies without our consent is actually contributing to the increasing starving artist population.

If you need more copies of the images we provided to you, we will be glad to provide more images for you at a very low discounted price.
Just contact us and let us know your needs.

How much time do you need to photograph our wedding?

Taking time to be creative is important to us and will reflect in beautiful images for you to cherish forever.
To have creative images like the ones you see in our website, we recommend an average of 2 hours per location (not including travel time.)
At the park the time is usually divided in: Family group shots, wedding party, and, of course, the two of you.
Keep in mind those special requests that could take extra time as well.
The Bride's home and the park are the two most competitive locations since sometimes we have to share the time with the video crew.
Since the ceremony is an average of one hour, it is always wise to add the extra time to the park or other shooting locations to photograph the two of you alone.

How long is the engagement photo shoot?

I don't like to have a time limit on the engagement photo shoot. Besides the photo shoot, the goal is to get to know the two of you and vice versa.
They usually are 1 to 2 hours long, but some can take longer if we go to multiple locations.
It is usually up to you. The travel time can also increase depending on the distance of each the location.

What should we wear for the engagement photo shoot?

I always say that you should wear something that represents you, which you are comfortable using now and in the future.
Also bring a couple of different outfits to have a variety.
Some weddings are theme related and the engagement falls into the theme.

When is the best time to photograph?

During the day there are two major times that most of us "photographers" love to shoot.
These times are: the first two hours of the day at sunrise, and the last two hours at sundown.
At these times, the sky have a rich deep shades of blue and the low angle of the sun cast a golden tone of light on everything.
In English we call it "The Golden Hour" and in French it is called "L'Heure Bleu" meaning the blue hour.
At these times we can capture beautiful deep blues and golden warm tones in our images.

How far in advance we should book you?

The sooner, the better! To guarantee your wedding day, it is better to reserve your day 12 to 24 months in advance.
Summer weekends (especially Saturdays) are usually all booked by the end of the year.

How does payment work?

We book on a basis of first-come, first served. Once you make your first payment your day is reserved.
You can secure you date without choosing a package, this way your day is reserved and you can chose your package at a latter day.
The retainer is 35% of the package value with a minimum of $500.00 and the balance can be divided as you prefer having your last payment two week prior to your wedding day; this way at your wedding day we both won't be concerned with any payments and just concentrate on your beautiful photos.

Do you charge for traveling?

We don't charge traveling in Ontario but if you draw a line from Tobermory to Kingston, and your wedding is beyond that line, we kindly request for a hotel for the night prior and the night of your wedding.
This way it will give you the peace of mind that we are available early on your wedding day and well rested.

What happens if we change our wedding day?

We try to accommodate as much as we can, if we are available on your new day, we are glad to change it for you.
You can also choose a new date after asking us our availability.
In case I am booked, one of our professional photographers if available can photograph your wedding.

What happen in case of bad weather?

We like to have your photos taken, no matter what.
Said that, all our packages come with a free re-shoot if a problem occur, including bad weather.
As long you are willing to get dressed again and re-stage your wedding session, we can book another day of your convenience to capture your images.

What camera equipment do you have?

We use high end Nikon cameras, lenses and flashes for our digital format.
We also use vintage 35mm, 2 1⁄4 x 2 1⁄4 format and a 4x5 format film cameras and studio equipment.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes we have backup equipment, from extra digital and film cameras to extra portable flashes and studio lighting.
All electronic and mechanical equipment like: cameras, flashes, lenses, memory card and/or film, etc. are prom to failure and having a backup is our safety net.

Where should we sit you in the reception?

If your package includes most of your reception, you don't want us to miss any photo opportunity by sitting us at the back and having to dodge tight spaces between tables and chairs.
Any side table closer to the main even is ideal to facilitate photographing that special moment.

Can our guest take photos on the wedding?

We have no problems with guests photographing your wedding.
Each guest like to have a memory of its own and we are perfectly OK with that.
Said that we kindly request not to have other professional photographers photographing your wedding.

Can we have special photo requests?

Definitely! We always want to make sure we photograph all your special moments, especially if it is with someone that means a great deal to you and have great sentimental value.
One of the best thing to do is to have a list of special request and family groups made up and have someone from your family to keep track and group them together for each shot (since they would know all the members of your families.)